Collapsible Bunds

The safe storage, handling and transportation of drums,containers, tanks, machinery and equipment in the workplace is essential in protecting workers and the environment from incidental spills, leaks and drips.

Collapsible Bunds are a unique snap-out bund that permits operators to quickly create a safe and secure area to house drums, tanks, plant and machinery and deal with potential spillage. The 250mm high walls allow easy access by personnel when used as a decontamination bund to capture waste or contaminated wash water.

- Use if a truck, drum or piece of machinery springs a leak.
- Lightweight & easy to carry. Folds to a convenient size for transport and storage.
- Small bunds are supplied in a carry bag with a handy velcro opening and strong handles. Setup instructions are conveniently placed in a see-through pocket on the outside of the bag.
- Manufactured to any size to suit specific dimensions or volume. Drain valves can be fitted, if required.
- Manufactured in 900gsm PVC or heavy duty XR-5 polyester (1017gsm). High frequency welded seams provide strength and leak tight spill capture.
- Epoxy coated fiberglass wall braces (batons) create self-supporting walls which can be collapsed for forklift or vehicle entry.
- Optional ground sheets or floor protectors can be supplied to minimise damage in rough terrain or with heavy or point loads.