The bio-remediation of contaminated soil or water is often required as the final stage of spill clean-up.

Global Clean-Up TreatmentThe naturally occurring process where soil or water is purified uses the enzymaticaction of bacteria. This biological process requires time and the presence of a largenumber of naturally occurring (but scarce in nature) micro-organisms. These microorganisms use organic materials as a source of energy and available nutrients for their growth, converting them to carbon dioxide and water.When left to nature, this process may take years. By controlling the number ofmicro-organisms and their environment (oxygen, pH, nutrient concentrations and moisture), the biological decomposition of hydrocarbons and other chemicals present in soil or water can be dramatically accelerated.Global Clean-Up Treatment is a blend of naturally occurring micro-organismsthat have been selected for their ability to biologically remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soil and sludge as well as oily contaminated water.Global Clean Up Treatment is supplied as a concentrate which can be diluted withde-chlorinated water for spraying onto the contaminated area. Typically 1 litre of concentrate diluted with 50 litres of water will treat 150m³ of contaminated soil.

For the treatment of:- Contaminated soil and water- Oil/water interceptors- Separation pits- Waste lagoons- Drillers Sumps- Improving the bacteria levels of land farms

Effective for degrading:- Fuels (diesel, petrol)- Lubricants (oils, grease)- Phenols- Hydrocarbon based chemicals