Semi-Permanent Bunding

Semi-Permanent Bunding

Semi-permanent bunding creates a barrier or containment area for the storage of drums, tanks, machinery and equipment. This not only improves workplace safety and housekeeping, but aids in the protection of stormwater and drainage systems.

Smart Bund
The Smart Bund is a modular system of pliable semi permanent bunding designed to create containment areas on sealed surfaces in warehouses and factories. The Smart Bund creates a bunded area, protects walkways from leaks drips and spills and is a low cost option to concrete curbs and bunding.
- Springs back into shape after being walked on or driven over by forklifts.
- Closed-cell foam, surrounded by PVC. Choice of 50mm or 75mm high profile.
- Build a Smart Bund any size or shape to suit your requirements.
- Bund doorways, drum storage areas and other light traffic areas.

Easy Bund
Easy Bund is a self adhesive, modular bund thatprovides barrier protection and spill containment for drums,tanks, equipment, vehicles and machinery in trafficable areas.
- Tough, chemically resistant, low profile, EVA strip.
- Use for straight line bunding or mitre corners to change direction.
- Low profile reduces trip hazards.
- Create ‘drive over’ barriers across doorways in warehouses and factories.
- Easy to install.
- Virtually impervious to acids, chemicals, oils and fuels.

Tuff Bund
- Strong, Durable Containment Bund.
- Polyurethane Bunding is ideal for heavier traffic areas such as warehouse or workshop entrances.- It also serves a dual purpose as a speed hump.
- Each 1m section requires 6 fasteners.
- Create drive over barriers across doorways in warehouses and factories.
- Low profile reduces trip hazards.
- Just glue, seal and fasten to the concrete.