The Rak-A-Van Shelving System has been designed to give you the maximum storage capacity available and is currently being used by fleets and individual tradesman alike.

- Suitable for installation in all vehicle models.
- More storage capacity for odd size items.
- Easy inventory control - reduces overstocking of expensive items and increases space for most used products.
- Fully adjustable
- Vertical to gain the maximum use of your van height.
- Horizontal to follow the contour of the van and allow more aisle space.
- Maximum working space and fast access to all items.
- Optimises productivity - increases profits for your business.

Frame Shelving - Medium duty storage visibility - weight loading up to 20kgs per tray.

Panel Shelving - Heavy duty storage - weight loading up to 50kgs per tray.

Bin Shelving Trays (T&P Range) - 20 sizes available.

Open Shelving Trays (S range) - 12 sizes available.

Lockable Shelving Trays - These are for storage of valuable items (tools etc.).

Sliding Shelves (ST Range) - High density storage trays that slide out to give >you easy access to store small to medium components - weight loading up to 20kgper tray.

Van Storage Products - Refer to the VAN ACCESSORY RANGE from storage of gas bottles to technical manuals.

Easy to change tray location. The design allows for easy self-installation of the system. All fully adjustable.

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