Spill Mats & Multi Mat

Spill Mats are a portable, re-usable, spill ‘tray’ that are perfect for maintenance workshops, service bays, re-fueling areas and lube storage facilities for catching oil & fuel leaks, drips and spills.

Spill Mat
- Reusable Spill Mat with replaceable absorbent material to catch and absorb leaksand drips.
- PVC backed mat protects the absorbent from mud and dirt on the floor or ground.
- Chain weighted sides keeps the spill mat in position in windy conditions.
- Two internal oil/fuel absorbent Envirosorb mats (code 1088) catch and absorb leaks, drips and spills.
- Absorbent mats are easily removed and replaced through the velcro sides if theybecome oil saturated.
- Anti-static option available for hazardous areas.

Multi Mat
- Lightweight mat used to protect personnel from wet and dirty floors when servicing and working under vehicles.
- Use to store small cans, tins and drums typically found in workshops and warehouses.
- Manufactured from highly visible yellow PVC.
- Ready to use with solid foam-filled sides - no inflating air chambers.
- Compressible roll over sides allows a bag trolley to easily enter the bund area -no need for ramps or drum lifters.
- Easily repairable, if damaged.
- Larger (or smaller) sizes can be easily made upon request.