Quick Break Degreasers

Quick Break Degreasers

When washing trucks, earthmoving machinery, workshop floors or degreasing enqine parts & equipment, traditional solvent or hydrocarbon based cleaners form strong emulsions or stable bonds with the oil. These emulsions may take a substantial time to weaken or de-stabilise (break). The quick break action of Global Degreaser and Detergent allows rapid breaking of the bonds, with the oil droplets becoming free and able to be captured by conventional gravity based interceptor pits and oil/water separators.

Global Grease Cutter NP
Global Grease Cutter is an extra heavy duty, alkaline, industrial degreaser for engines, oil and grease encrusted equipment or heavily soiled workhop floors. It is non-toxic, non-fuming, non-flammable, biodegradable and contains no phosphorous. It is safe to use on all metals (including aluminium) and all good paintwork.
The viscosity of Global Grease Cutter allows it to cling to vertical surfaces, minimising runoff and wastage whilst maximising cleaning performance. It is effective at cleaning in hard or soft water making it ideal for remote areas, mine sites or areas with hard water.

Typical cleaning and degreasing applications include:
- Mining & earthmoving machinery (not for use on windscreens or glass surfaces)
- Agriculture & industrial machinery.
- Engines, gearboses, chassis & diffs.
- Concrete and workshop floors.
- Parts and machinery.

Dilution rates with water to suit specific applications.
(Water : Global Grease Cutter)
1:1 Degreasing Engines & Chassis.
4:1 Hard to Clean Surfaces.
4:1 Mining equipment (heavily Soiled).
10:1 Concrete & workshop floors.
20:1 Pressure Washing.