Submersible Fuel Pumps

At the heart of almost every domestic service station's fuel dispensing system is the submersible pump.
Submersible pumps are available in standard 4" or big flow 6" sizes. The 4" submersible pumps are typically used in service stations and the High Flow 6" pumps are used in truck stops and bulk plants. Several lengths and horsepower options are available.
National Petroleum Equipment can determine your pump size and horsepower requirements if you tell us the distances between the submersible pumps and the dispensers, the number of dispensers and nozzles, and your tank's diameter and bury depth.
FE Petro's manufactures a two and four HP variable speed pumps that can be set to supply a predetermined flow rate regardless of the number of nozzles being used.
FE Petro offers a variable length feature and an optional inlet filter screen. By pre-filtering the fuel with the inlet screens, the dispenser filter life can be extended by as much as 50%. Variable length pumps can be set to the exact length required in the field. FE Petro pumps are also available with a siphoning option. If you have any questions call us for assistance.