Oil & Fuel Abs. Booms & Pillows

Envirosorb booms, pillows and bags are available in a range of lenghts and diameters and are perfect for containing, diverting or absorbing oil and fuel spills in the workplace.

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Mini Booms
- Use to contain, divert and absorb spills.
- Highly flexible - mould around plant & machinery or push under pallets.
- Use to block and divert a spill from entering waterways & drains.
- Can be squeezed and re-used.

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pillows & Bags
- Ideal for contained or pooled spills.
- Place under hoses or next to leaking plant & machinery to absorb spills.
- Ideal for blocking and protecting stormwater drains.
- Bags are perfect for hanging in sumps and interceptor pits for surface oil recovery.