Bacteria, yeasts and moulds easily contaminate cutting oils, lubricants, coolants, paints and fuels, as well as raw materials, process waters, end-products and processes. Under favourable conditions micro-organisms can grow rapidly, causing severe problems in industry.Foul odour is often the first sign of microbial contamination. Slime formation may also be observed. By the time these signs appear, irreversible damage may already have occurred.
The Easicult tests are ready-to-use tools for use in detecting and monitoring microbial contamination in a wide range of industrial activities, such as metalworking and paper, paint, oil and cosmetics production. The tests give early warning of microbial contamination and allow criteria to be established for cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Microbes, yeast and mould in tanks can be treated with BUGRID fuel biocide which is suitable for ALL fuels.

Tariff codes:

TTC: 38221990

Combi: 38210000

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