Oil & Fuel Abs Rolls/Drum mats

Oil & Fuel Abs Rolls/Drum mats

Manage your everyday maintenance spills with minimal wastage or excessive clean up time by choosing Envirosorb rolls in a range of sizes, materials and weights to suit your application & budget.

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Rolls
- Use around plant & machinery during maintenance or repairs to catch leaks, drips and overspray.- Cut easily with scissors or utility knife. Place under workbenches, vehicles & shelving.
- Large area coverage for maximum spill protection.
- A clean, low residue roll is required, choose lint free rolls which are good for the power generating and specialty industries.

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Track Mat
- Use between and or either side of rail tracks at locomotive maintenance yards.
- Lay under drill rigs, vehicles, heavy machinery & mining equipment.
- Tough & durable - can be walked on or driven over.
- Cut easily with scissors or utility knife to your required width
- Non Woven, 300gsm, UV stabilized, geotextile polypropylene is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, hydrocarbons, mildew and insects.
- The 150 micron, hydrophobic (water repellent) fabric lets water pass through yet retains oils and fuels.
- Grey colour masks drips, footprints and spills for longer use.

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Drum Top Mat- Absorbs pump drips before they make a mess of your drum tops and floors.
- Pre-cut 600mm diameter mats for use on 205L drums.
- Ideal for use where oils, fuels & greases are dispensed from drums.