Farm Tank Related

Farm Tank Related

In some remote areas which are subject to flooding, fuel is stored either on ground or above ground in Overhead style Storage Tanks to prevent contamination from flood waters.

Note: The pumping/storage of petrol in overhead storage tanks is not generally recommended or approved.

The overhead fuel Storange tanks, due to their height, are subject to OHS regulations and must meet certain requirments in order to prevent accidental personal injury.

The overhead fuel Storange Tanks should be fitted with a minimum of 40mmNB or 50mm NB indirect fill lines and an internal fill pipe as to prevent splash filling.

These tanks should also be fitted with external sight tubes for easy identification of the current Fuel level.

Both on ground and overhead fuel storage tanks should be externally identified with signage showiing nominal capacity and type of fuel being stored. They can also be fitted with a simple 50mmNB P & V (Pressure and Vacuum) vent.

To comply with increasing OHS regulations, N P E supply a retro-fit indirect fill and Sight Tube arrangements to suit overhead Farm Storage Tanks.

The indirect fill is nominally 50mm (2"). This is connected to the existing fill point at the top inlet of the tank.

The Sight Tube setup is fitted to the existing bottom outlet Valve of the Tank and the existing Hose and Nozzles are re-used. NPE supply two types of Sight Tubes one with the push button valve and the other is the standard type with the ball valve arrangement. The Sight Tubes come with a floating ball to aid visibility of the tank level. Either type of Sight Tube can be used depending on personnal preference.

The NPE bottom fill and sight tubes kits can be taylored to suit any type of tank, be it overhead or on ground style.
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