Sweeps, Mops & Bilge Socks

Sweeps, mops and socks are ideal for recovery of oils and fuels floating on the water surface in bilges, oil interceptor pits and other water bodies.

Absorbent Sweep
The Global Sweep is used to reclaim the final sheen or slick from oil and fuel spillson rivers, ponds, dams and other water bodies. With 30 metres of high capacity absorbent fabric, the sweep is ideal for a quick response mop up.
Stitched webbing is fixed to one edge of the sweep that permits a sweeping actionto occur across a thin rainbow sheen without the fabric pulling apart.
- Manufactured from Envirosorbâ„¢ polypropylene with exceptional oil/fuel absorbency and able to recover up to 20 times its own weight in oil.
- Highly water repellent (hydrophobic).
- Lightweight and simple to use without the need for specialized PPE.

Oleophilic Mop
Ideal to collect oils such as bunker C, crude, medium fuel oil or diesel that arefloating on the water surface. The mop is attached to a handle and is ideal for use in and around jetties, marinas, rocks and shorelines.
- Manufactured from webbed strands of oil attracting polyethylene fibre that does not absorb water.
- Mops can be attached to rope and floated as a barrier, allowing the current to take the spill through the barrier.

Bilge Sock
High capacity, absorbent bilge socks are perfect for mop up of oil/fuel spills floating on water, in bilges of boats or in oil interceptor pits.
- Eyelets at each end allow connection of multiple socks together or a recovery rope to be attached.
- Natural buoyancy socks sink to the water level when saturated with hydrocarbons.
- Made from Envirosorbâ„¢ polypropylene with exceptional oil/fuel absorbency that is able to recover up to 20 times its own weight in oil.
- Excellent vapour suppressing and water repellent characteristics (hydrophobic).
- Heavy duty knitted outer mesh sleeve provides tensile strength and UV protection.
- High absorbency to weight ratio = lower transport & disposal costs.
- Tough and durable - can be squeezed and re-used.