Hose Beads

Hose Beads


The NPE Hose Bead is designed to reduce fueling hose wear caused by abrasion when the hose is dragged across the ground. Hose beads attached to the surface of the fueling hose raise the hose from the ground and act as a tougher wear resistant carrier.

Constructed of wear resistant nylon material and made in two halves the parts can be easily attached to the fuel hose.

The use of Hose Beads fitted to fueling hoses benefits the operator in a number of ways, the Bead provides lower resistance when hauling the hose out or back and prolongs the life of the fueling hose.

The Hose Beads are sized to suit Ø50mm (2") and Ø63mm (21/2") ID bore Type C Aviation Hose.  Ø75mm (3") and Ø100mm (4") are also available.

The recommended position of the first Bead should be approximately 1.5m from the Hose End Nozzle and spacing thereafter at 1.2m along the Hose.



Hose beads require no maintenance only replacement when locally worn "flat" exceeds 40mm length.