Oil Absorbent Booms - Marine

Whether the spill is directly into the water or has occurred on land and finds its way there via the stormwater or drainage system, fast repsonse with the correct equipment is essential.

Absorbent Booms - Marine Specific
Global Absorbent Booms are used to control, contain and clean up oil & fuel spillson waterways including bays, harbours, dams, rivers, ponds and drains. The booms are ideal for protecting shorelines, riverbanks and jetties from oil contamination from boats, ships, rigs, barges or dredges as well as spillage from excavators and earthmoving machinery working near water.
Global Absorbent Booms can also be used on land. With their tough outer meshsleeve and excellent ability to join and stay linked, they are a heavy duty option for spill control and containment of oily contaminated water from workshops and wash pads as well as stormwater protection at oil and fuel storage and handling facilities.

- Choice of emergency response booms (naturally buoyant and float when saturated with oil) or long term deployment booms (with internal floats).
- Manufactured from Envirosorbâ„¢ polypropylene with exceptional oil/fuel absorbency - able to recover up to 20 times its own weight in oil. Choice of lengths,diameters & joiners to suit application & budget.
- Heavy duty, knitted outer mesh sleeve provides tensile strength and UV protection.
- Used booms can be squeezed and re-used.
- 300mm overlap reduces oil bypass between joins.
- High absorbency to weight ratio - transport & disposal costs are lower.
- Highly water repellent (hydrophobic) and oleophillic(loves oil).
- Simple to use and deploy without the need for specialized PPE.