Diesel / Water transfer pumps

Diesel / Water transfer pumps

SUBARU Centrifugal Pumps Are Simple, Low Cost & Low Maintenance.

A centrifugal pump works much same as sucking on a straw. An engine turns an impeller, forcing water around it out a discharge port. Centrifugal pumps deliver liquid at uniform pressure without shocks or pulsations, and can handle liquids with some amounts of small solids in suspension. Having only one easy-to-repair wearing part (a seal) a centrifugal pump needs no lubrication, gears, pistons, or diaphragms. The simplicity, compactness, weight saving, adaptability to high-speeds, and economy make centrifugal pumps ideal for a wide variety of general applications.

Self-priming, no water required after initial pumping is done.
Efficient, economical operation is assured by directly coupled pump. This also makes the unit compact and guarantees that power is not lost.
Water-resisting qualities with ceramic-carbon seal and special cast iron impellers

All SUBARU pumps are high quality

Designed for heavy-duty service in construction and rental applications. SUBARU builds the entire engine and pump together as one high quality unit, unlike some other manufacturers who build only one or the other major component. Impeller and inner casing constructed of hard cast iron for rugged durability. Tough, ceramic-carbon mechanical seal. Easy maintenance, long service life.
Standard Features:
Easy Start
High Power & Performance
Great Reliability & Durability
Long Life
Low Emissions, meeting EPA Phase 2 & CARB Tier II requirements
Quiet Running, with low noise rust resistant mufflers
Easy Maintenance

2 year warranty