Fuel Retrievers

Fuel Retrievers

Today with more vehicles being fitted with diesel engines, it is very easy to accidently fill them with ULP. This is not just an inconvenience for the driver but what about the mechanical workshop that will have to remove the fuel safely and store it?
Consider this, how much is a life worth? Or what will the Workover fine be, should there be an accident, not to mention damage to private property and premises. If you think it will never happen, it's just a matter of time and if you think that this is just a sales scare tactic, think again, this product would not exist if that was the case.

Perfect for mechanical workshops & wrecking yards, this fuel retriever is the authentic unit which has been available for over 10 years now and is the smartest choice, the safest and most effortless way of removal of fuel from vehicles and for temporary storage.
The design of this unit has been carefully considered and it is amazing. It is powered by air and is extremely easy to operate, fuel is not only safely retrieved (at up to 20-35l/m) but can also be dispensed either back to the vehicle or for bulk storage just as easily.
The capacity is 205L and comes with a 6m rubber hose small enough to fit the filler neck of unleaded petrol vehicles. (Cars equipped with anti-syphon systems, will require removal of the fuel sender unit in order to retrieve the fuel).
The unit is fitted with a fuel gauge, a pressure and vacuum vent, a fire extinguisher and earth cable and more all as a complete package on a trolley.

National Petroleum equipment is willing to work with dealerships to work up systems to suit their particular applications. For further information and technical details of this unit, please contact National Petroleum Equipment on (02) 4324 0899

- Work safely
- Save time
- Be WorkCover compliant