Quick Break Detergents

Quick Break Detergents

Green NP
Green NP is a mildly alkaline, general purpose, non phosphorous, wash down detergent and degreaser designed to remove a wide range of soils, oil, grease, dust and carbon from fixed or mobile equipment as well as workshop floors. It is fast working, non-flammable cleaner that is safe to use on all metals and will not affect good paint work. It will clean and rejuvenate dirty concrete floors and can be diluted for use with foamers, dispensers and pressure cleaners.

Typical Cleaning and degreasing applications include:
- Mining & earthmoving machinery.
- Agriculture & industrial machinery.
- Egnines, gearboxes & diffs.
- Trucks, cars and buses.
- Parts washing & bath degreasing.
- Pressure washing.
- Boats, engines and bilges.
- Washroom & canteen floors.
- Kitchen appliances.

Green NP can be diluted with water to suit specific applications as below:
(Water : Green NP)
1:1 Hard to clean surfaces
4:1 Mining Equipment (heavily soiled)
10:1 Degreasing engines & chassis
10:1 Concrete & Workshop floors
50:1 Truck & car wash
100:1 Pressure washing

Green NP Super Concentrate
Green super concentrate is a wash down detergent and degreaser with all the characteristics of Green NP but 5x stronger. It is aimed at remote areas, where transport costs are prohibitive. By diluting on-site, a 200L drum of super concentrate will make 1000L of Green NP, an 80% reduction of the shipping volume.

Green super concentrate can be diluted with water to suit specific applications as below:
(Water : Green super concentrate)
4:1 Hard to clean surfaces
20:1 Mining Equipment (heavily soiled)
50:1 Degreasing engines & chassis
50:1 Concrete & Workshop floors
250:1 Truck & car wash
500:1 Pressure washing