NPE 12v/24v Pumps

3yrs ago NPE started selling these pumps. These are awesome! They are used for ULP, Diesel and Kerosene. Zero returns in 3+yrs. No complaints. Parts are available if need be. Available with or without a flowmeter and 12v or 24v.

These can be found Here...

 Industrial pumps

Industrial Pumps & Flowmeters

These vane pumps are efficient, quiet, long lasting, self priming, -ve head of approx. 7 meters and flowrates of upto 1900L/M. Again, 'Zero' defects in selling these for 3+yrs.  

Even the CSIRO has purchased these for their own internal use for Kerosene transfer. That says something:-)

The pumps, even though they are supplied with explosion proof motors, they are also available (at a small additional cost) with the proper EX approved motors sporting the proper EX logo to keep the OHS logo consious people happy!! hehe.

The flowmeters, are a no brainer. Available in many configurations to suit your requirements. They are supplied for Industrial use only and they can be calibrated to be very accurate depending on the fuel they are used for.

The pumps can be found Here...

The flowmeters can be found Here...

 NPE Fuel Retriever

NPE Fuel Retriever - 205L

Today with vehicles being diesel powered, it is very easy to accidently fill them with ULP. This will happen more often in the future.

This Fuel Retriever is not a toy! It is designed to be used by Mechanical Workshops and wrecking yards. It is the ONLY Work Cover approved system. it is the safest and most effortless way to remove fuel from vehicles and for temporary storage.

  • Capacity is 205L
  • Supplied with 6m fuel rubber hose
  • Flowrate is 35L/M (Suction and Transfer)
  • Supplied with fuel gauge and pressure and vacuum vent, fire extinguisher and earth cable.

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CleanBREAK Dry-breaks

The CleanBreak dry-breaks are a high pressure, premium quality item.

These are interchangeable with other Dry-break brands.

They can be fitted with any type of seal to suit any industry such as the Petroleum, Chemical, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food Industry.

Maximum Working Pressure 30bar!!! (435 PSI)

Available in both Aluminium and Stainless steel.

 These can be found Here...