Subaru Carting Egnines

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd (FHI), the maker of SUBARU cars, has launched the SUBARU KX21 sports kart engine, designed for racing and fun karts.
Based on the EX series of air-cooled, four-cycle, OHC gasoline engines made for general use, the KX21 is designed to deliver the high power and performance required in karting.
The KX combustion chamber is modified to raise the compression ratio to 10:1. Additionally, the air intake system has been improved over standard and the ignition timing changed to increase horsepower output without compromising fuel economy or increasing exhaust emissions.

Although EX engines are also used in rental karts, the KX21 has been developed as a kart-specific engine, featuring high RPM and power output at levels that general-purpose engines cannot match. When mounted on a kart, the new lightweight engine provides agile handling and competitive driving performance.
The KX21 is able to run from the lowest idle speed to the highest RPM of 5600rpm smoothly and easily.
The KX21 is targeted at skilled adult and junior karters using rental karts as well as beginners who may own their own karts.

SUBARU engines have earned a reputation for their quality, reliability and performance. The introduction of the KX21 for karting signifies the company’s step towards meeting demands for performance engines across all industries.
In comparison with competitor’s models, the KX21 brings out higher performance with higher power at 9.2HP at 5600rpm and the KX21 is also remarkably lighter weighing only 15kg. These advantages offer excellent driving and also lower fuel consumption.