Trash pumps

Trash pumps

Trash Pumps Handle Larger Solids & Debris for Heavy-Duty De-Watering Applications

A trash pump employs deepest impeller vanes to produce the largest discharge capacity, incorporated with a large volute discharge opening to pass water containing suspended sticks, stones & debris without clogging or harming pump components. SUBARU trash pumps are self-priming centrifugal type, designed to move high volumes of water fast, allowing passage of solids to flow through the pump without clogging.

All SUBARU Pumps are High Quality

Designed for heavy-duty service in construction and rental applications. Robin Subaru builds the entire engine and pump together as one high quality unit, unlike some other manufacturers who build only one or the other major component. Self-priming, centrifugal pump design. Impeller and inner casing constructed of hard cast iron for rugged durability. Tough, silicon-carbon mechanical seal. Quick clean-out port, easy maintenance, long service life.

Heavy-Duty Standard Features:
Easy Start
High Power & Performance
Great Reliability & Durability
Long Life
Low Emissions, meeting EPA Phase 2 & CARB Tier II requirements
Quiet Running, with low noise rust resistant mufflers
Easy Maintenance

2 year warranty