Commercial Series

Commercial Series
AR Blue Clean Commercial Series feature Single and 3 phase models which will handle hot & cold water pressure cleaners which will service both light and heavy duty applications. **Wall and floor mount in situ units available.


- Triplex pump with ceramic plungers and connecting rod system
- Automatic by-pass valve
- Pressure adjustment built-in
- Built-in detergent suction
- Boiler shut-down delayed circuit
- TSS pressure switch, with lack of water safety pressure switch to shut-down unit
- Micro-leakage printed circuit board with visual warning signal
- Low tension controls (24v)
- Motor thermal protector
- Vertical stainless steel boiler
- Coil cooling function driven by an independent electric motor
- Double heating coil w/refractory cement base
- Double tube gear diesel pump thermostat
- Water and diesel filters
- 10m hp type hose, gun and lance
- Adjustable high/low pressure head, fan jet spray
- Accessories holder