Engine Powered Pressure Cleaners

Engine Powered Pressure Cleaners

When the job's a tough one, these portable machines really handle the heavy going.

These petrol engine high-pressure cleaners are power packed to rapidly and effectively wipe out all the washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting problems that are part of every working day in commercial and industrial situations.

Whatever the workplace, from building site to transport to primary industry, we have a high-pressure cleaner to tackle the job with gusto. Powered by SUBARU, with 2 years engine warranty.

For the home: strips paint flake off exterior walls and garden furniture, brings brick paving and limestone up like new after winter, washes grease and oil from driveways, cleans gutters and pergolas

For industry: cleans agricultural equipment and other machinery, removes paint flake, cleans gutters, any job where high pressure water cleaning is needed

Diesel powered units also available. These units can also be built to specification.
Please contact NPE for more information.