Oil Filter Crushers

When dealing with the environment, today is a very different world to the one that existed twenty or even ten years ago. Companies of today are subject to much higher levels of scrutiny in how their oily waste impacts the environment.

Oil Filter Crushers
The Global Oil Filter Crusher is a simple, inexpensive industrial crusher that conveniently reduces the size of used oil filters and, at the same time, allows recovery of the oil from a single outlet for easy disposal.- Ideally suited for vehicle and truck maintenance workshops, council depots,earthmoving machinery workshops as well as bus and locomotive workshops.
- Adjustable hydraulic ram travel length to suit different filter sizes.
- Up to 75% filter size reduction and 95% oil recovery (dependent on filter size& crush time).
- Grooved filter mount plate allows fast oil drain and easy filter removal.
- Automatic door lock prevents operation when door is open.
- 40 second full cycle crush time or 20 second half cycle crush time.
- Manufactured in Melbourne—parts and service readily available.
- Earth leakage circuit breaker included.