General Purpose Absorbents

General Purpose Absorbents
General Purpose or Universal Absorbents are ideal for clean up and maintenance of the inevitable leaks, drips and spills generated from the day to day activities of transporting, storing and dispensing liquids.

- Manufactured from surface modified polypropylene with exceptional all liquid absorbency.
- Able to recover up to 20 times their own weight in liquid by encapsulating the liquid within its fine fibres.
- Inert and does not degrade or chemically react with absorbed liquids.
- Fast wicking action for quick cleanup - reduces potential slip hazards and improves safety in the workplace.
- High absorbency to weight ratio resulting in lower transport & disposal costs of the used absorbents.

General Purpose Absorbent Roll
- Use around plant & machinery during maintenance or repairs to catch leaks, drips and overspray.
- Cut easily with scissors or utility knife to it under workbenches, vehicles & shelving.
- Lint free finish - wont delaminate or fall apart when saturated.
- Large area coverage for maximum spill protection.
- Use ptional Roll Holder mounted to a wall for fast, easy dispensing.

General Purpose Absorbent Pads
- Pre-cut sizes in convenient packs.
- Lint free - wont delaminate or fall apart when saturated.
- Use for wiping equipment, spills aroudn drums, tanks plant & machinery during maintenance and repairs.

General Purpose Absorbent Mini Booms
- Use to contain, divert and absorb spills.
- Highly flexible - mould around plant & machinery or push under pallets.
- Use to protect drains and waterways.