Spill Trailers

Are you ready for a spill that threatens wildlife, equipment, stock and the environment?
Do you have a large assortment of spill response equipment that you need to get to a spill site quickly?
Emergency Spill Response Trailers are highly mobile spill response units used by industry, mining and emergency services to provide peace of mind at locations & worksites where potential for large spillage occurs.

Ranging in size, design and style, spill trailers can respond rapidly with the right equipment to oil, fuel or chemical spills of 1000 to 20000 Litres.
Starting with a base model, each spill trailer is customised to suit your specific requirements, location and environment. Trailers can be stocked with a range of absorbents, equipment and PPE to cater for different spill types and sizes, on or off site. Combination trailers with different compartments are commonly supplied where either an oil or chemical spill could occur, or where the spilt liquid is unknown. In these applications, absorbents are colour coded for ease of identification. Our experienced team can design and offer suggestions on a range of options that best suit your requirements. Please call for prices.

Items to consider: Internals:
Tow Ball or pintle hook? Absorbents -Oil/fuel &/or Chemical
New tyres or second hand? Fence or inflatable booms
Travelling Height? Sweeps, Poly Mops
Mechanical override brakes? Skimmers- weir, disc, rope, belt
Gas struts? Transfer pumps
2 or 3 door? CORT Tanks
Location of spare wheel? Collapsible bunds
Drum or barrel on front forks? Tools- shovels, rakes, brooms, pick
Colour & underseal proof coating? Lights, signage, barriers, stakes
Plain inside or shelving to suit? Lights, signage, barriers, stakes
Suspension rated for Off road? Basic Tool Kit - Pliers, hammer
Provision for MSDS holder? PPE Gear- Masks, gloves, First Aid, vests, waders, coveralls, hats, Safety Showers
Signage and colour? Bioremediation tools